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The Queen of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner I don't know, Megan Whalen Turner. So far, I've like your books a lot at the end, but I don't think I should have to wait so long to get into it. I guess I also don't care for the way the characters speak to each other so cryptically and then, like, totally understand what each other mean. As a reader, I pretty much know what they mean, because I can see where the plot is going, but there's no way that Eugenides dad, for example, should understand the Queen of Attolia enough to know what she means about making her choice. Do they have a secret understanding? Have they ever even met before?
Also, the leaving out of certain important bits of information worked really good in the Thief at the end, when you find out that Gen (first person) has been an unreliable narrator the whole time. It was like, whoa. : ) But in this book (third person) it just gets kind of old. I'm just listening, thinking, well obviously there's something we just haven't been told that's causing so-and-so to make such-and-such a decision. And it's not even, like, a mystery, or a plot twist, it's just... annoying. BUT, again, I liked the ending of the book so much it's almost enough to forgive all that stuff.

The discs I was listening to skipped quite a bit though, so maybe I missed something important