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The Year of the Beasts - Cecil Castellucci, Nate Powell I don't get it.
For me it was obvious at the beginning that Tessa is the Medusa character and the alternating comics and prose chapters are supposed to come together in some profound way. Only, I didn't think it was profound or surprising or any of that.
The prose chapters are so plainly written as to be boring. They have the tone of a simple fairy tale with one dimensional characters, one dimensional relationships, and a lot of telling and not much showing, as they say.
As I was reading it I thought that it could go over well maybe as middle grade novel - except for the one line that mentions Tessa making out with her weirdo boyfriend half naked. Also, I just finished My Friend Dahmer, so of course as soon as Jasper shows up I'm like, "HE'S A SERIAL KILLER!" (He's not. Yet.)
And finally, I didn't need the whole symbolism of the Medusa/monster plotline outlined for me in the last chapter, thanks. Oh, the snakes are depression! The witch is her therapist! Her friend is a mermaid because she's paralyzed now! Her creepy boyfriend is a minotaur because he's...deep? Eats people? Goes through a corn maze?
This book was okay.

P.S. I get that her mom has sleeve tattoos. How many times do you have to say it?