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A Flight of Angels - Rebecca Guay, Holly Black, Louise Hawes, Todd Mitchell, Alisa Kwitney, Bill Willingham Huh.
The artwork is beautiful, if a little uneven. I liked how each story had its own style of art, but panel to panel it's not very consistent (i.e. one will be photographic and then the next will still show sketch lines; the line thickness varies a lot), which is odd, I think, for a graphic novel. The result, for me, was that the art distracted from the story in many places, rather than carrying it.
My favorite story was "Chaya Surah and the Angel of Death," and overall I liked the individual stories better than the overarching one, which didn't really make an impression on me.
I read this book for the Hub challenge. It was selected for the 2012 Great Graphic Novels for young adults list. I wouldn't think to give this book to teens, outside of the fact that the artists involved have also made books for teens.