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Game  - Barry Lyga Just as good as I Hunt Killers, if not better.

Jasper is summoned to New York to help investigate the Hat-Dog killer, who can't possibly be his dad because he's been killing since before Billy Dent escaped prison. But Dear Old Dad's got to be involved somehow...

I love how Lyga explores Jasper's psychology, and I think Jasper is creeper in this book than he is in the first one. But, oh! he doesn't want to be. We get a lot more time with Connie in Game, which is a nice addition. It adds a lot of suspense to the novel, I think. With Jazz there's this sense that he's in control and he's going to be okay (probably because his character believes in his own invincibility). But Connie is almost a classic girl-in-horror-movie character. With almost everything she does I'm thinking, "No! Don't go there at night! Tell your parents! Call the police! Stay home!" and it's delicious.

Game ends on a huge cliffhanger - actually a series of cliffhangers. Howie and Jasper are both bleeding out - one in Lobo's Nod and one in New York - and Connie has just opened a door to find a serial killer on the other side. I can't wait for the next book.