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Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am - Harry Mazer;Peter Lerangis Hmm... this book was so short. It covers, in a year and a half, Ben Bright telling his family and friends he's enlisted, proposing to his girlfriend, going through boot camp and off to war, being injured in by IED and losing his memory, coming home, his family (parents, autistic brother, girlfriend and best friend) dealing with this, his struggles with identity after memory loss, his girlfriend's first year in college and almost-affair, his parents' separation and reunion, and his brother writing a poem.
So, as you can imagine, it doesn't go into much depth for any part. It's well done enough that you can empathize with what the characters would be going through, but not enough that you feel you know any of them.
The result, unfortunately, is that this books is quite forgettable.