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Hourglass - Myra McEntire Erm... I picked this book for our book club to read and I guess I should say... sorry guys. We haven't discussed it yet, and it's not bad, but it isn't the caliber we are used to. We probably all should have just re-read Ruby Red.

Hourglass is unnecessarily long. For a time travel novel, it certainly takes a long time for them to travel (pun! I wonder if secondary-character-whose-name-I-can't-remember slowed down time while I read through the first half). And I felt like maybe Myra McEntire researched physics and stuff attempting to make this a "true" science fiction and then didn't end up putting much of the science in the novel. It was all mentioned but never really explained, and the presence of scientists as characters wasn't enough to make the science legit. I think that if the the first half had been dramatically edited, the book when have been better, because when we FINALLY got some action towards the end the book improved.

Hourglass is more of a romance with some time travel (much as Twilight was a romance with vampires) than it is a bona-fide time travel novel. Which is fine. Except that the romance wasn't quite there for me. Michael? Eh. Emerson and Michael's chemistry is literally electric, but that is all. The back and forth, touch me/don't touch me was annoying. Why are true wuves in ya novels so often like that? Girlfriends, if a boy IRL is like that, don't waste your time. I think for a will they/won't they romance to really feel genuine BOTH parties have to know why a relationship isn't the best idea. It is not just about one person saying no, for whatever reason, even if they contradict themselves and don't make sense (no means no, peeps, even when a dude says it). The attempt at a love triangle was lame-o, and Kaleb was only kind-of sexy asshole. Probably a little too much of the latter. Actually, I could really dig in to why the empath as womanizer was troubling to me - all the implications! - but I think I'll wait until book club.

Emerson's friend and sister-in-law were strong secondary characters who I would have liked to read about more. The hints at Lily's supernatural powers were intriguing but never amounted to much more than a tease. There is likely more in the sequels, but I'm not sure I'll get around to them. Also, as soon as Kaleb walked in to the book I was like, "oh, romantic interest for Lily." Next book, I guess.